The Women’s Wing will operate as a sub ­committee of the CREDAI­ City Chapter under the leadership of  the President. This will be a purely  business    
forum. No Social Service  work  to  be carried  out under this forum

Eligibility    CRITERIA
Women from the families of CREDAI City Chapter member developers,who are active in their real estate business.They may or may not be  Directors   or Partners.

Forum Mission and Agenda
The mission of the Women’s Wing will be to bring together women developers and provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others  grow personally and professionally through leadership,training and networking support,This forum will work towards trainings and study tours geared    towards women focused aspects of business that they will benefit from.This wing also provides a platform to ideate with each other on Real Estate topics and integrate active women from the real estate business into committees of CREDAI City Chapter.

Involvement in CREDAI City Chapter Committees

  • Exhibition Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Website Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Any other committee as per skill of members.
  • Green Building Committee

Forum Frequency of Meetings
One monthly meeting of one hour can be conducted which can address either training related to our business/Policies/Laws or Study Tour to projects,inspirational subjects can be taken up.

Will Be Updated Soon
Will Be Updated Soon